In 1993, granddad Milomir Stojanović from Mačkat in
Zlatibor Mt. courageously led his family to the industrial
production of famous Zlatibor Mt. specialties. Relying
on the entrepreneurship and the tradition of his
ancestors and the energetic enthusiasm of his family –
he founded Zlatiborac Company Ltd. Today, our
Company is the leader in the market of smoked and
cured meat delicatessen in Serbia.

The inhabitants of Zlatibor Mt. have learnt to dry and
smoke meat in dire need. Hard work during the long
winters in the mountain called for caloric food that
does not decay for a long time. Smoking and drying of
meat serves as a natural and – a very tasteful preser-
ving agent. Thus they have developed the skill of
making smoked ham and other dried and smoked
meat specialties, for which Zlatibor Mt., and particu-
larly the village of Mačkat, would become famous
over time across the country and the region.

One of the secrets of a good smoked ham is dry beech
wood, the only wood on which dry meat has been
smoked for centuries. Nowadays, we know from
laboratory analyses that only the smoke of properly
dried beech wood does not transmit harmful
substances to meat – but, how did our folks know that?
No one has an answer to that question.

How our folks managed to control air humidity and
temperature without modern measuring apparatuses?
They buried hams and sausages – in cereals. Grains
controlled the atmosphere and protected the meat
from animals. Ingenious solutions are always simple.

Today, granddad Milomir is carrying
on the tradition, the following
generation is acquiring knowledge
and experiences from the world and
developing the Company while the
youngest generation is growing at
the healthiest place in the world,
eating the best smoked ham in
Serbia, and getting ready
to make even greater
All together, they have decided
to preserve the original recipes,
over a century old, to add the
technology and business
skill to it, and thus enable
hundreds of thousands
of people to feel what they
grew up with – the spirit
of their tradition and
the taste of the nature
of Zlatibor Mt.

The modern production according
to the centuries old recipes of
Zlatiborac Company Ltd. is being
developed and will continue to be
developed there, where everything
started. In Mačkat, on the slopes
of Zlatibor Mt.